Chiropractic treatment follows a comprehensive medical model:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Prevention


Diagnosis is the first step in Chiropractic treatment and care!

Firstly, we need to build an accurate clinical profile. This includes your current complaint as well as your health history.  Additionally, Dr. Colin will conduct a comprehensive physical assessment. This will enable Dr. Colin to locate areas of pain and observe any altered musculoskeletal movement patterns.

The assessment may include orthopedic and neurologic testing to rule out macropathologies and more serious concerns. Dr. Colin will also use functional anatomical testing and palpation to locate minute changes in the anatomical terrain.

Dr. Colin will then explain the nature of your dysfunction/pain. He can then tailor a type of treatment plan suitable for you!

Dr. Colin will advise further diagnostic testing if necessary or will refer you if you require additional services and another health care professional. It is easy to receive total body care at KW Health Connection with a Naturopathic doctor and three Registered Massage Therapists on site!


Dr. Colin use a variety of techniques! He takes into account the most effective forms of physical therapy within an evidenced based approach to health care.

Dr. Colin will construct your treatment based on your root cause. He will assess how your body responds to the manual therapies. Therefore, the treatment will be adapted to accommodate your body’s particular response.

During every treatment you will receive a combination of the following:

A.R.T Chiropractic Treatment Downtown Kitchener KWHC

Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) ®

Active Release Technique © is a manual technique that breaks down adhesions (scar tissue) in the muscles. Thus, A.R.T relieves pain and restores motion to the affected area(s).

Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Contemporary Medical Acupuncture (CMA) is a precise peripheral nerve stimulation technique. The fine, solid needles are inserted into richly innervated anatomical locations. Therefore, CMA can restore the nervous system to normal activity.

Kinesiotaping ®

Kinesiotaping ® is a rehabilitative taping method with multiple functional and clinical applications. Kinesio ® Tex Tape has properties that mimic those of our own skin and can be worn effectively for 3-5 days.

Neuromuscular Training

It’s very common for individuals to adopt aberrant (abnormal) motor firing patterns. Therefore, the correct muscles do not contract when they are supposed to. These abnormal patterns cause the injury cycle to continue which places individuals at further risk of injury. Once identified, these motor patterns can start to be corrected!

There are multiple methods of neuromuscular training, including: vibration therapy, proprioception training and rehabilitation exercises.

Joint Adjustment / Mobilization

Joint adjustment is a non-invasive, manual procedure. The adjustment is designed to restore motion of restricted joints. Common adjustment joints include the spine, ankles and wrists.

Joint manipulation decreases pain and returns the joint to full function. This is accomplished by improving the movement of the joint and the supporting tissues. Therefore, manipulation also decreases muscle tightness or spasms.

Patient Education

Dr. Colin believes strongly in the importance of educating his patients! He always takes the time to ensure that his patients fully understand the cause(s) of their condition(s). He also believes that successful treatment requires teamwork! Therefore, both patient and doctor work together to fix and prevent future dysfunction.

Thus, Dr. Colin’s desire is that through education patients will appreciate the significance of their role in becoming and staying healthy.


Your chiropractic treatment will also include educational and self-empowering interventions!

Rehabilitation for Rapid Recovery

Muscular weakness or inhibition is the cause of most conditions. Therefore, rehabilitating the weak links is key to returning to optimal levels of health and preventing further injury.

An immediate at-home stretching and strengthening program will help you recover quickly! This program will adapt as you progress in your recovery. The program will work to enhance your core stability and correct any abnormal movement patterns.

Continual Monitoring and Maintenance Care

You will be reassessed at various stages throughout your treatment plan to determine your progression, response to treatment, and level of recovery.

Once your physical imbalances are corrected and proper function is restored to your body you may think that your chiropractic treatment has ended. However, Dr. Colin will recommend consistent maintenance care.

Continual maintenance is a key part of chiropractic treatment! 

In order to keep you feeling and performing your best, Dr. Colin will adjust your treatment plan once again to allow for continual monitoring. Therefore, even one treatment a month will allow Dr. Colin to detect future problems and correct them before they interrupt your life.

Lecture, Workshop or Seminar Provided by Dr. Colin

Education is an important way of decreasing the risk of injury! Educational workshops and seminars are perfect for workplaces, and sports teams and clubs. Dr. Colin is available to speak to groups on the following subjects: sport injuries, ergonomic (workplace) injuries, injury rehabilitation, neck and back pain, injury prevention and repetitive strain injuries.


Feel free to contact Dr. Colin for your next workshop!

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