Different Roads to a Resolution

Nowadays, Whiplash injuries are very commonly seen health problems, luckily there are many different approaches to cure them. For years scientists have looked at possible ways, not only because they cause pain and make you miss days off work.. There is also an effect generated on our everyday life. A study performed in the Spine Journal (European) compared many patients with whiplash, low back pain, and with rheumatoid arthritis. They looked at pain levels in each of their cases (high and low) and how each of their lives were affected. They found out that the pain levels in the whiplash group were the highest and that the overall health status for this group was also more affected. These affected changes included social issues, emotional instability, and mental health.

From here they looked at chiropractic doctors and medical doctors, the way they each treated these patients. These methods differed greatly in their approach to better whiplash patients. Comes to find out, Medical doctors were more likely to think that there was nothing wrong with many patients physically when faced with chronic whiplash. Most medical doctors also believed that NSAIDs along with muscle relaxants were the answer to acute whiplash, despite the scientific evidence of safety problems when using NSAIDs for long terms. These include stomach bleeding, intestine pain, nausea headaches, and several other serious internal problems. This is a huge risk for patients and ones that should and can be avoided. There is no evidence that medications of this range actually better patients’ pain or life qualities. With this being said, lets go ahead a look at the flip side of the coin, the ways of our Chiropractors.

The chiropractic ways to curing whiplash are much more different than those from medical doctors. Actually, whole different approaches to things of this matter. There is a great deal acceptance that the injuries and pains are very real and are not just lies from the by patients. Many Biomechanical studies of car accidents and injuries confirm that the injuries are real and that they mostly consist of sprains around the joints of the human neck. The spine, our disks, and our muscles are all very much affected in a whiplash accident. When disturbance is caused to these tissues, the nerves that go between them become irritated, which results in severe pain and many balance changes. And of course, overtime, the patients will endure life changes that can affect a higher living quality.

There are important choices in the different approaches one takes when in need of treatment, comparing the medical ways to the chiropractic way, please make a smart choice because it can change the way your life revolves around you during this period. I would suggest that you visit your local Chiropractor and ask yourself the many different ways he could be able to assist you. Then go ahead a visit your local medical doctor to see his takes on the process. This way in the end, it will be your choice in this treatment.

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