Fibromyalgia Disease

This is a disease affecting millions of Americans most of whom are women. Despite, the vast research on the disease, no report on its single cause is there. Fibromyagia can be viewed as a global disease resulting from various factors working together and causing very painful signs and symptoms. Just trying to counter each symptom from different angles with the hope of reduced side effects is not an appropriate option for long term results. At times, these symptoms start after a surgery, physical trauma, high psychological stress or infection. In some cases, they just accumulate over time with no previous trigger factor. Many patients also experience tension headaches, anxiety, depression, have irritable bowel syndrome and temporomandibular joint.

Nutritional and weight gain options for this disease are essential although they are often assumed with regard to individual health. Most people tend to consume too much of the wrong food types. A diet of cheeseburgers and hot dogs is as excessive as sugar consumption among many. Currently, it is rare to find Brussel sprouts, chard or even kales included in an American dinner.

Relevant expert research has based on the antioxidant factor. The antioxidants are helpful in countering oxidative stress, which is as a result of bodily activities such as breaking down food. They protect cell walls from damage. Some of the most effective antioxidants are vitamin C and E which are confirmed to be essential components of an overall healthy diet. Low dietary levels of vitamin C and E affect the disease related risk for heart disease and cataracts.

Extensive research has been conducted on the blood antioxidant levels in Fibromyagia patients. It has shown that the levels are significantly low as compared to the standards. It is still unknown, whether this is because of the higher metabolic activity & more oxidative stress or poor diet or both. However, since the low level of antioxidants is known, something fruitful can be done. Ideally, the intake of a lot of raw fruits and vegetables acts as the best way of achieving high levels of antioxidants. Many people do not consume enough serving of these raw products every day and so it is important to add vitamins as supplements. The diet should be more of plant materials. Patients of Fibromyagia are advised to consume vegetable diets to help reduce the symptoms.

Apart from physical exercise and weight observation, just a balanced plant oriented diet with supplements stands as an essential factor in the management of Fibromyagia. Specialists like chiropractors can advise patients on the appropriate nutrition and exercise. By mixing exercise and proper chiropractic nutrition, patients can go through a natural and comprehensive way to regaining their health.

Visiting a therapist is a good step for these patients. Some of the therapists include energy healers and flower essence therapists. These people are good at assisting patients deal with their stress issues and reveal even those that do not show out. They relate body pains and tiredness to communicate with the body. Patients are advised to do the personal search to identify their points of stress. With that, the patients are able to work though to getting better and away from Fibromyagia.

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