Find Out The Occupations That Have A Higher Incidence To Developing Back Problems And What Can Be Done!

There are several causes of back pain and with effective treatment these problems can actually disappear. In the society that we are currently living in, back problems are quite common. That is why in this article we will seek to look at some risk factors that would need to be avoided to curb this problem. Aside from factors such as a person genetic makeup and occupations, there are those factors that can be worked around to minimize on back problems. Most of them have to do with interactions revolving around daily duties. This is what will help differentiate between developing minor back aches and real disabling back pain.

Our occupations are top on the list among the factors leading to these back problems. The construction industry for instance has some of the most strenuous tasks. The carpenters and concrete reinforcement workers working in this industry are considered to experience back pain more than workers from any other industry. Office workers on the other hand are more prone to carpal tunnel symptoms. These are two different industries each with unique characteristics that affect different locations of the spine. The construction industry is known for the lifting of heavy weights such as lumber and concrete in awkward positions. This affects the persons lower back discs especially if the strength of the ligaments is exceeded.

When this happens the person will experience what is often referred to as a sprain. There are also other instances where the disc bulges or is herniated. However, the workers that are more cautious and use good agronomics for instance the use of symmetrical lifting will ensure that the disc can resist the load. Likewise it is well known that in the morning the spine is stiffer and if a worker goes ahead to lift heavy objects at this time then it will tend to develop higher pressures. With this in mind, it is advisable for workers to lift lighter objects during the early morning hours and move on to heavier objects later in the day. This should be done by asking for help from other colleagues to avoid affecting the disc and causing any back pain.

As seen above it is not just those in the construction industry that experience back pain. Even those that sit for prolonged hours also tend to develop back problems. This is brought about by inactivity causing the muscles to weaken. By nature, the spine is designed in such a way that it is meant for movement more so walking. Medical practitioners recommend that a brisk walk yields a lot of benefit for the body. This is because they are aware of the benefits that the spine will derive from such an activity. When you sit for long and prolonged hours, there is an increase in the pressure of the low back discs. It is even worse for those that sit for prolonged hours coupled with vibration like drivers.

Some of the measures that could be put in place to reduce on the incidence of developing back problems would be having an anti vibration seat, a chair with proper support and also frequent walks to keep the spine in motion. It is important to assess each job and seek any improvements to reduce on the incidence of developing back pain. At the end of the day proper posture of the spine when working will translate to good health free of back problems.

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