Kitchener Chiropractor discusses Advice for Spring

Happy New Year!

Strange to be talking about the new year in April, right? The truth is many people are much more motivated to make changes now than on the first of January.  Isn’t Spring really the “new year” on so many levels?  The Spring Equinox arrived this year on March 20 and the weather has slowly been improving since then.  We have been shedding the boots and winter coats and switching out the clothes and shoes in our closets.  And we’re experiencing the increase in daylight!  What a perfect time to make changes in our activity levels and eating habits!

Take stock of your aches and pains from winter hibernation, and be honest.  See our blog post titled “Your Personal Wellness Profile”.  Make a plan and write it down.  Verbalize it to others.  Then get started!

Warmer weather and longer days almost beg us to come out of hibernation.  Just be warned that this time of year is ripe for injuries as people get outside and get active, often overdoing it in their desire to make changes.

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Warmer temperatures mean quicker dehydration and exhaustion so STAY HYDRATED.
  • Outdoor activities mean more exposure to UV rays so be sure to use SUNBLOCK.
  • More exercise can mean strains, sprains and blisters, so STRETCH and DON’T OVERDO IT.
  • Yardwork involves bending and lifting, so USE YOUR LEGSNOT YOUR BACK to lift.  Also use kneepads and gloves.  See our blog post titled “Plant and Rake Without the Ache”.
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