Kitchener Chiropractor introduces Klean Athlete, a new line of nutritional supplements

Klean Athlete   

KW Health Connection is excited to be able to offer you this new line of nutritional supplements from Douglas Labs, a very forward-thinking company.  Klean AthleteTM NSF Certified for Sport supplements were designed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote peak performance of athletes, from the weekend warrior to the amateur and professional competitor.

The line is composed of seven nutritional supplements created to provide a safe and effective foundation to live healthy, train smart and compete at the best possible level.

Klean MultivitaminTM  – a twice-daily tablet, which acts as the starting line for promoting overall health.  The formulation is optimized for the athlete to give them the vital nutrients they need in smaller, more powerful doses, and nothing that they don’t need.  It also contains a unique fruit and vegetable blend.

Klean AntioxidantsTM – powered by the super fruit Maqui Berry, the anti-aging ingredient Astaxanthin, as well as a patented combination of Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Lipoic Acid, these vegetarian capsules help guard against cellular damage that comes from intense training and helps maximize the long-term health of athletes, both young and seasoned.

Klean CognitiveTM – supports brain health with the same Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Lipoic Acid combination, as well as a vegetarian Alpha-CPG formula to support brain health – so the mind performs as well as the body.

Klean ProbioticTM – promotes digestive health so nutrients the body needs to perform (including those provided by other Klean products) can be properly absorbed into the bloodstream and is formulated to support immune response.

Klean IsolateTM – no artificial flavours or sweeteners, just premium-quality whey protein isolate to build and repair muscle.

Klean ElectrolytesTM – replenishes important minerals in your body during or after exercise.  The capsule formula allows users to customize dosage according to the athlete’s training needs.

Klean EnduranceTM – a great tasting chew that accelerates the natural way the human body produces energy.  This all-natural D-Ribose supplement is clinically proven to help restore and replenish energy while supporting cardiac function and fatigue.

At KW Health Connection we’re happy to be able to provide these excellent supplements.

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