Kitchener Massage Therapist discusses Lymphatic Drainage during Cold and Flu Season

Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Cold & Flu

It’s that time of year again… the time for sneezes, sniffles and sore throats. Not to worry though, the KW Health Connection team can help in many ways to prevent colds and flu, and help speed the recovery period! You may wonder how that’s possible.  Well Registered Massage Therapists use a technique known as Manual Lymphatic Drainage and before I begin to explain what that is and how you can benefit from it, let me explain a little bit about your Lymphatic System and its purpose:

  • Your Lymphatic System consists of Lymphatic Fluid (aka Lymph) that runs very slowly through capillaries, towards your heart. The Lymph consists of white blood cells, plasma proteins, fats and debris (which can include bacteria and viruses). Throughout the Lymphatic Systems are little filter sites called Lymph Nodes. They are packed with lymphocytes and macrophages which are two kinds of white bloods cells and these help aid the process of debris elimination by destroying bacteria/viruses that enter the Nodes.

Massage Therapy can be used with a very light pressure to manipulate this Lymphatic Fluid through the capillaries and also help stimulate your Lymph Nodes to ensure they are filtering properly and effectively. Once an infection (so once you get a cold/flu) enters the Lymph Nodes, they usually become swollen and aren’t able to filter as quickly and effectively. This explains those little balls you feel around your ears and neck when you become ill. The Registered Massage Therapists here at KW Health Connection can use this MLD Technique to stimulate Lymph Nodes to start working again and maintain a consistent flow throughout your Lymphatic System. The RMT’s can also palpate your Lymph Nodes to see if they are swollen and they can help eliminate the infection before you even start to have symptoms with this same technique.

With all this being said, Massage Therapy is something very important for many reasons and you should consider coming in at least once a month for maintenance. You’d be surprised by all the benefits! So feel free to contact your RMT today!

Alyssa Hendry, RMT

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