Kitchener Naturopath discusses BIA Machine

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)

Want to know “what you’re made of”? Bioelectrical impedance analysis is here!

BIA is the study of the electrical properties of biological material in your body and its change over time. It offers a fast, accurate and safe way to measure six key body composition elements. Results, particularly changes in results over time, will allow our practitioners to measure clients’ overall health and to chart progress.

BIA technology was pioneered over 35 years ago, and is now utilized by researchers and clinicians from around the globe, including the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, NASA, Harvard University, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and Yale University, just to name a few.

Our BIA machine can provide precise measurements to assess and estimate lean dry mass, body fat, intracellular and extracellular water, total body water, body mass index, fat free mass, basal metabolic rate, and daily energy expenditure.

BIA analysis is quick, painless and completely non-invasive. It uses just four electrodes placed on the body…two on the feet and two on the hands. There are no needles or bloodwork required!

At kw health connection, we would schedule 15 minutes for your analysis. The practitioner would complete the analysis and then interpret the results and forward them to you at a later time.

If you’re making a lifestyle change or even thinking about it, the BIA machine offers accurate and comprehensive measurements that will motivate your efforts. This can benefit runners, new moms, people trying to lose weight or those who want to be more healthy and active…anyone! The numbers don’t lie. You’ll finally know “what you’re made of”!

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