Kitchener Naturopath discusses Biopuncture

What is Biopuncture?

Biopuncture, also known as Injection Therapy, is a recently introduced European practice used to treat common pain and inflammatory problems. Pain is one of the top 3 reasons that people visit their doctor, yet conventional treatments for chronic pain lack effectiveness. Consequently people are turning to alternative treatment methods such as Biopuncture.

Biopuncture is now offered by Dr. Erika here at KW Health Connection. This is a treatment offered by injection to stimulate and support the body’s many internal mechanisms for healing. Rather than simply shutting off pain for short-term gain, these injections will use different biological agents in trigger points, acupuncture points or other referral zones to help the body do the work of healing that nature intended it to do.

Any injured tissue needs the benefits of some inflammation to heal itself. But the tissue needs just the right amount of inflammation. Biopuncture will provide extra nutritional support so the tissue can regulate the inflammation to repair itself.

Biopuncture can be used for pain in many areas including the neck, shoulder, elbow, back, hip, knee, Achilles tendon and foot. It can be used to treat osteoarthritis, sciatica, sports injuries, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. It can also address conditions such as allergy, asthma, migraine, tension headache, sinusitis, cystitis, bronchitis. It can have a more direct influence on hormones as it can be injected right over the organ that requires help. It is intended to treat the problem, not just the symptoms. This means treatment is effective and long-lasting.

Biopuncture reduces the number of required oral supplements. It’s good for pain, it’s quick and it’s convenient. A patient often needs 4-6 treatments and each treatment lasts 10-20 minutes.

Biopuncture is grounded in conventional diagnosis and is a safe, effective new tool to fight pain. This is not a stand-alone treatment. The best results will occur when a patient combines biopuncture with good nutrition, exercise and physical therapy.

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