Kitchener Naturopath discusses How We Deal With Change

How Do You Deal With Change?

It seemed like we were dealing with change every day this summer in the downtown core of Kitchener.  I think we all learned a little more about ourselves as far as how we deal with change, and I think we all got a little better at it.  I think we had to!
As Summer turns to Fall, and the school year begins, we deal mostly with long-anticipated change.  That can be far more tolerable than sudden and uninvited change, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.
So how do you deal with change? Do you bury your head in the sand and hope it will go away?  Do you embrace it with gusto?  Or are you somewhere on that continuum, perhaps a little closer to one end or the other depending on the circumstances?  Lack of sleep, hormones, kids, bosses, finances…these are the kinds of things that can mess with your perspective when you are faced with change.  But having the right perspective, and/or adjusting your thinking, can certainly bring down the stress levels brought on by change. No one’s life is free of change, so breathe and be flexible as much as possible.  Try to reframe the way you think about change.
Here are some tips you may find helpful:

  1. Simply notice that you’re in the midst of change.  Don’t try to run and hide.
  2. Face your feelings and don’t be a victim.  Try to get past the “why me?” stage.
  3. Figure out when to accept it and when to reject it.
  4. Remember there’s always a benefit or opportunity.  So look for it.
  5. Choose your thoughts.  Positive thoughts build connections to possibilities.  Negative thoughts block creativity and problem-solving skills.  You can actually create new pathways for the brain to view a new situation.
  6. Breathe deeply.  Exercise.
  7. Communicate with supportive people

When necessary, there are many natural nerve calming, adaptogenic remedies that will offer support during extremely stressful times.  Dr. Erika can recommend good ones.

When if feels like many things around you are in flux, find small comforts to hold on to.  Create routines, even small ones.  And be sure to take care of your basic needs.  These needs are the foundation of our physical and mental health.  Without them, we’re less likely to be able to process additional challenges in a healthy way.  You may not become that guy who embraces change with gusto, but you will be happier through the process.

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