Kitchener Naturopath discusses Liver Cleanse

Kitchener Waterloo Naturopath discusses detox

by Erika Holenski, ND

Spring Cleaning Your Body…What About Detox?

The weather is changing, the windows are opening and the spring cleaning has begun.  And at this time of year our bodies are doing their own version of spring cleaning. The liver, a major detoxification organ starts increasing its activity to clean itself out.  So yes, it’s a good time for a cleanse!

There are several brands of ‘detoxification kits’ on the market that claim to help this process.  If you are not having a personalized program designed for you by a qualified health practitioner there are a few things to remember before you commence any program.

  • First, the body is not designed to work quickly.  The repair mechanisms follow a set pattern and flow, and if not followed correctly the body could incur more damage.  Thus an effective detoxification program should last a minimum of 20 days.
  • Second, eliminatory routes should be optimal during this time. These include effective urinary, bowel and sweating mechanisms.  If one of these systems is not fully functioning the toxins can become trapped in the body and cause more harm.
  • Third, during the month of detoxification the body requires adequate fuel and rest. Fuel must include fruits and vegetables, protein, some complex carbohydrates, and water.  Creating a starvation situation does not provide the body with enough phytochemicals to undergo any detoxification procedures.
  • Water is the only fluid that will carry the toxins to the eliminatory organs.  If sufficient water intake is not sustained the toxins will not be released from the body.
  • Sleep is an active process where every cell in the body undergoes a repair system. If sufficient sleep is not attained the body cannot repair itself.

These are just a few items to consider when implementing a detoxification program.  There is more than meets the eye and ultimately your program should be designed with a qualified health practitioner like a Naturopathic Doctor.

So it’s Spring and it’s an optimal time for a cleanse.  Know that your cleanse will focus on foods of the season in their raw state.  But know also that it’s not imperative to cleanse every Spring, and it doesn’t always have to happen in the Spring.  A Winter cleanse is also beneficial and will focus more on soups and stews.  Regardless of the season you choose, remember it’s better to embark on the process when you can do it well.

Use this link for the detox questionnaire to determine if you are in need of a cleanse!

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