Kitchener Waterloo Chiropractor explains the 3 Phases of Care

The 3 Phases of Care

Research says it takes at least 2 months to heal a soft tissue injury. So, why do many patients discontinue care in as little as 3 weeks? When the pain is gone, so is the patient.

Are you guilty of jeopardizing the healing of your own body? Here at our clinic, we find that patients often quit care when their discomfort resolves, not when their bodies are ready. When you understand the 3 phases of care, you’ll better understand what it takes to fully heal from an injury. It’s important to stay the course for better long-term results.

  1. Acute Care(typically 3-5 days)

In this phase, the target is to reduce pain, spasm and swelling. This phase deals with inflammation as the body attempts to repair itself after an injury. Excessive inflammation can lead to delayed healing, pain and chronic inflammation. Dr. Colin will plan and explain a course of treatment that will include natural supplements.

KW Health Connection offers supplements for this phase which may include Wobenzym PS, NPF Mono, and Traumeel. These will deal with the inflammation and pain.

  1. Sub-acute Care(typically 6-8 weeks)

In this phase, the target is to improve range of motion, support joint function and promote healing. After phase one treatment has pain and swelling under control, this repair phase can kick in.During phase two, Dr. Colin will provide treatment and supplements so the body will regenerate cells and collagen, and restore relative motion between the inter- and intra-layers of the fascia.

For this phase of care, KW Health Connection offers supplements which my include Zinc Citrate for the immune system, Pascoe Agil for inflammation of the joints, and CoQ10 which has benefits for the cardiovascular system.

  1. Wellness Care (ongoing care)

The target of phase three is to promote optimal health. In this phase the repair process continues with a goal of full recovery. Tissue is not fully regenerated for months after an injury. Patients need to continue care to reduce the risk of re-injury. Dr. Colin will support increased tissue strength, health and integrity through treatment and supplements that include a high potency multivitamin, omega 3 and phytonutrients.

For this third phase of care, KW Health Connection offers exceptional multivitamins such as Food State Multivitamins and Minerals and Preventive X.

Implementation: Ongoing

Target: Promote optimal health
Treatment strategy: Chiropractic care and nutritional support—high-potency multivitamin, EFAs, and phytonutrients

In Phase 3, the repair process continues and the goal is to bring patients back to a state of full recovery by supporting increased tissue strength, health, and integrity. Remember that tissue around an injury is not fully regenerated for several months afterward. So it’s important for patients to continue care to avoid risk of reinjury. Ongoing nutritional support for maintenance will help reduce the risk of future injuries and help your patients stay healthy.

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