Kitchener Waterloo Naturopath discusses Flu Fighters

Are you interested in Flu Prevention?

Here are your Flu Fighters!

We all wash our hands religiously, use antibacterial products and get our annual flu shots. Yet adults and children alike still come home with the dreaded cold and flu either caught or shared at school, work or other public places. The flu shot may prime your immune cells to remember a specific strain of flu virus, but that’s not full protection. Having your immune system on high alert, particularly if you are prone to colds and flus, is a good idea throughout the season.

Deep Immune

The Chinese tonic herbs in this formula have high nutrient levels as well as immune-enhancing qualities. Deep Immune has ingredients with hundreds of years of traditional use behind them. Deep Immune is especially effective for boosting immune function . Those experiencing compromised immune function, weakness and lack of vitality of any kind will benefit from this formula.


Give your immune system a headstart against colds and flus naturally. This homeopathic treatment will enhance the body’s natural defences by supporting the immune system.

Pascoleucyn has a history dating back 60 years. It is safe and effective for all ages for the prevention and treatment of colds and flus, essentially improving immune function. It relieves symptoms such as headaches, stuffy nose, fever, sore throat and coughs.

Improve your immune function to get through the cold and flu season, or help treat your current cold and flu symptoms.

Both of these products are here for you at KW Health Connection.  We’re here to help!

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