Kitchener Waterloo Naturopath discusses Sarcopenic Obesity or “Skinny Fat People”

Sarcopenic Obesity or Skinny Fat People…a new trend.

Skinny Fat people may seem like an oxymoron…like impossible… but it’s a state that’s becoming common among teens and young 20-somethings. Sarcopenia is a term for the loss of muscle mass that usually comes with aging. Obesity is, of course, abnormal or extensive fat accumulation that negatively affects health. Put the two together…sarcopenia + obesity… and we have a condition with both muscle loss and fat gain. It looks like skinny fat people. This is a deadly combination. Not only does the body lose its muscle mass, but it also loses its strength and function. Fat stores increase in dangerous zones in and around the organs. Cholesterol levels can transition to unhealthy levels. Liver dysfunction and fatty liver disease can occur.

Systemic inflammation will also occur. This chronic inflammation influences the insulin resistance of muscle cells so that they become insulin resistant and a diabetic state can occur.

Further studies are being done to test other negative effects of the sarcopenic obese person. Unfortunately this state is now becoming more common among young people, generally due to the outcome of fad diets, yo-yo dieting and over-the-counter diet aids.

A great way to ensure that you are losing fat and keeping your muscle is through the BIA machine. This machine will be the next member of our team here at KW Health Connection in 2014. Read all about it in our next newsletter, or ask about it the next time you visit the clinic.

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