KW Naturopath discusses Blue Haven Acres for Soy-Free Organic Chicken

Blue Haven Acres

Soy Free Organic Chicken

SOY Free
GMO Free/Organic Feed
No Antibiotics
No Growth Hormones
Graze on Certified Organic Pastures
Outdoor Access

We believe it is important to raise animals ethically, and to treat our earth with care. As such,
our animals are able to forage freely on organic land. They have the opportunity to spend their
time in a sheltered area, outdoors, while having access to clean water and organic/non-gmo soy free feed. We believe thismakes for a happy, and healthy animal. In maintaining this type of environment, the animal tends to excel. The animal, earth and farmer benefits.

Blue Haven Acres

44216 Brandon Road
Ethel, Ontario

Phone number: 519 588 4418

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