KW Naturopath discusses Going Green

Go Green!

Green foods are nature’s most abundant superfoods.  One of the most powerful life-giving substances on the planet is chlorophyll, and this is the pigment that gives green foods their colour.  Chlorophyll-rich foods have a very deep green colour, and they are extraordinarily useful in building new blood cells and purifying the body from cancer and radiation. Chlorophyll also assists in wound healing, intestinal regularity, detoxification, and deodorization of the body.

Properties and Actions of Chlorophyll


Stops bacterial growth in wounds, and anaerobic yeasts and fungi in the digestive tract.

Deodorizes:  eliminates bad breath and body odour.

Removes drug deposits and counteracts all toxins; de-activates many carcinogens.

Halts tooth decay and gum infection (when used as a tooth powder).


Counteracts the following inflammations:  sore throat, pyorrhea, gingivitis, stomach and intestinal inflammation and ulcers, all skin inflammations, arthritis, pancreatitis


Builds blood

Renews tissue

Counteracts radiation

Promotes healthful intestinal flora

Improves liver function

Activates enzymes to produce vitamins E, A, and K

My advice would be to juice dark green veggies as often as possible. In addition, include superfoods such as kale, collards and spinach in your salads. And finally, use a supplement such as Organic Greens and Reds from Douglas Labs to make sure your body is getting all that’s required.

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