KW Naturopath discusses Juice Fast

Juice Fast

I’m not sure if the Polar Vortex won the battle of winter this year, but we can all agree that it was definitely a battle.  It was long and demanding, and for many people it was the worst winter they’ve ever experienced.  So what can we do to put that behind us and move forward?

Getting outdoors can certainly help clear the cobwebs of our minds and bodies.  Massage therapy can go a long way toward treating stress of the mind and body as well.

Or you could choose to do a Juice Fast!  For the first 3 days of April, the team here at KWHC participated in a Juice Fast along with a number of our patients.  It was part of our resolve to get rid of all that Winter did to us, and set the stage for a fresh and healthy Spring.

If not done properly, a juice fast can be harmful.  So it’s important to understand how it works and when to use it.  Dr. Erika, our naturopath, and Tracey, our nutritionist, guided us with a list of several juice recipes for each time of the day.  This offered people choices and therefore increased the possibility of “going the distance”.

The idea of the Juice Fast was to provide our bodies with all they needed to help our cells perform their functions while getting rid of all the toxins.  When you juice your fruits and vegetables, you remove the fiber and drink only the liquid which contains the organic hydration, nutrients, vitamins and enzymes from the plant food.  We were not starving any part of our bodies.  Although we need fiber in our diet, a few days without it will give your body a chance to spend less energy on digestion.

You are cautioned not to try to use bottled juices from the grocery store shelves.  When these bottles sit on the shelf, the enzymes degrade and you are only drinking dead plant matter.

People from our clinic used a variety of small appliances for “juicing” the fruits and vegetables.  The strongest appliance was a Vita Mix.  Some used Ninja machines or Nutri Bullets.

Julia was able to follow the plan precisely every day for the 3 days.  People with kids made some modifications such as adding a Tablespoon of almond butter for more energy.  Overall some people noticed they felt cold and so they drank warm water.

Generally there was more awareness of what we eat during the day.  Most people experienced a clearer brain and more energy, as well as some moodiness.  We all cleaned out our bowels!  We all felt 3 days was plenty!

If you’re thinking a juice fast would help you spring into the next season, be sure to consult with a physician or medical professional, especially if you’re dealing with Diabetes, or any disease or medications.  Good luck!

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