Low Back Pains One of the Most Recurring Problems for Many Patients

The dulling pain will come on and off through the years making it an unpredictable problem for many. Many patients have sought ways to relieve this back pain to no avail even with the advanced tech we have today. The pain is triggered when the back is strained due to straining the body by lifting heavy things or trying out things that would need you to move the body in a way that you had not for a while. Most patients have said that stretching actually helps relieve the problem or at least keep it at bay. The Weekend Warrior and The Daily Athlete have also reiterated the benefits of doing stretches before embarking on any strenuous activity. This is done for the sole purpose of ensuring that the body is ready for the activity at hand. So what happens to the stretches when the body is in pain?

It is almost impossible to and this when in excruciating pain. The big query here is why the solution would be completely null and void when it comes to sorting the problem at hand. Some patients have however pushed the bar and tried stretching while the pain is on and gotten results! They have however also said that the stretches lose their effect on the pain over the years which are not very good news. Some who have tried this have ended up making the pain even worse. The purpose of stretching is to strengthen and lengthen the muscles in the body. The problem with blower back pains is the fact that they target the discs and the ligaments.

Stretching will have an effect on the ligaments and may make them fall off into abnormal positions. This may make the problem worse than it was before. This is not the solution as the nerve endings can also get easily irritated through the same exercises. The nerves on the lower areas of the spine can be lengthened through stretching which is a harrowing activity for them, and unfortunately for you too.

If you experience pain when stretching or much after, you could have damaged ligaments or raw nerves. It is important for you to stop immediately and seek the help of a chiropractor. The purpose of the chiropractor is to align the discs and the ligaments into their normal positions after taking you through a thorough examination. His work will be to ensure that all the parts of the musculoskeletal tissue are well aligned to numb the pain that is caused through the stretching of the ligaments. The bones then begin to take their position and the ligaments shorten securing them in the positions for longer.

This however takes time due to the healing process of the ligaments. If you still want to do stretches, the doctor will advise on what kind of exercises you should embark on. These ensure that you only stretch the muscles while keeping the discs and ligaments in place.

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