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One of the challenges that manual practitioners have today is that there is an expectation to form a diagnosis around pre-set orthopedic tests. However, ‘orthopedic tests’ are designed, for the most part, for ‘orthopedic conditions’ by ‘orthopedic surgeons’ in order to assess if surgery is necessary. Therefore these tests are designed to pick up macro-injury to tissues. But, most manual therapists do not see macro-injuries. Instead, they are usually presented with repetitive strain injuries, cumulative trauma injuries, or sustained postural injuries. These are micro tissue injuries. Therefore the manual practitioner must determine the cause of a patient’s symptoms through their knowledge in anatomical structure and their hands!

Our chiropractors use functional assessment and a systematic approach to soft tissue palpation. Thus, the practitioner is able to delineate, feel, and assess specific anatomic structures. Therefore, we believe that we can use the necessary skills to isolate structures involved in clinical conditions. Subsequently, we can translate that knowledge into more specific treatment regimens.

As mentioned in Functional Anatomic Palpation Systems (FAP)TM :


Dr. Colin Leis, D.C.
chiropractor • Functional Range Release provider
WSIB • auto injury • sports injury

Dr. Charles Smith, D.C.
chiropractor • auto injury • sports injury • acupuncture

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