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New Patients

If you are scheduled for an appointment with our chiropractors, you want to know what to expect ahead of time. The intake and consent forms will be emailed to you so that you can fill them out before your appointment time. You can plan on spending about an hour with us on your first visit.


Getting Started

After meeting your chiropractor, you’ll discuss your concerns, then have a thorough examination. This evaluation process includes testing your muscles, range of motion, functional anatomic palpation and more. Each assessment is individualized to the testing that’s right for you and your condition.

You’ll receive a treatment on the first visit. We love it when people come in for their follow-up and tell us, “I can’t believe how good I feel!” We look forward to beginning your healing together.

Book Your Time Today

Call or email our friendly team at KW Health Connection now to set up your first appointment! Flexible hours are available.


New Patients | (519) 576-2222